Intense Competition and Community Spirit

Dive into the exciting world of ESK8 racing with our latest video from Apple Valley Speedway! Watch the intense competition of the Women’s ESK8 Race featuring top riders like Diana Katchour, Mia Laboue, and Melissa Hodgson. This event is not just a display of speed and skill; it’s a celebration of the camaraderie and spirit within the women’s ESK8 community.

The Race Begins

As the competitors line up, the anticipation builds. Each rider, with their unique style and varying skill levels, contributes to a dynamic and thrilling race. Witness as Diana takes an early lead, showcasing her strength and mastery on the track.

Behind the Speed: ESK8 Technology Explained

Our video delves deep into the technical world of ESK8. Learn about the customization options available for e-skateboards, including motors, batteries, bushings, and trucks. Understand how these modifications can boost performance and cater to different riding preferences.

A Sport for All: Inclusivity in ESK8 Racing

The Apple Valley Speedway race underscores the inclusivity of ESK8 racing. It’s a sport open to everyone, regardless of age or gender, providing a level playing field for all competitors. This event, sponsored by leading ESK8 industry players like Rip Tide Bushings, highlights the sport’s growing popularity and technological advancements.

Insights from a Pro: Dawn Champion’s Perspective

Gain valuable insights from Dawn Champion, a celebrated EUC rider. She shares her experiences and sheds light on the diverse community within electric sports, enriching our understanding of this exciting world.

Join the Excitement

Get ready to be captivated by the Women’s ESK8 Race at Apple Valley Speedway. Whether you’re an experienced rider or new to ESK8, this video offers a glimpse into a world of speed, innovation, and community. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more exhilarating race n’ ride content!

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Watch the Women’s ESK8 Race at Apple Valley Speedway!

Special thanks to Stooge Raceboards for sponsoring and organizing the Race n’ Ride event at Apple Valley Speedway, creating a platform for showcasing the best of personal electric vehicle racing.

Photo credit: Khuong Lam

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