A Showcase of Skill and Speed

Dive into the heart-pounding excitement of the esk8 Sportsman Series race at Apple Valley Speedway! This thrilling event featured a lineup of skilled riders, including Gialong Tonthat, Cole Azevedo, Stephen Seiver, Camron Levine, Dylan Corcoean, Jonny Mooney, Jon Talavera, and Hudson Tsang, each demonstrating exceptional skill on the track.

Intense Competition and Diverse Techniques

As the race unfolded, viewers were treated to an intense battle for second place. The riders navigated the last few corners with impressive precision and speed, pushing their esk8 boards to the limit. This competition showcased a variety of riding techniques and strategies, illustrating the diverse skills within the esk8 community.

Spotlight on Gialong Tonthat

Special attention went to Gialong Tonthat, wearing a red-striped helmet and leading the pack. His control and agility were a standout, as he and other riders employed tactics like tucking down to reduce wind resistance and grabbing their boards for tighter turns.

Wind as a Challenging Factor

The wind played a significant role, challenging riders to adapt their stances and techniques to maintain stability. The video captured the exhilaration of esk8 racing, offering close-up views of the riders as they tackled the demanding course.

A Dramatic Finish

As the race entered its final lap, the tension escalated. Gialong Tonthat maintained his lead, with Stephen Seiver and Dylan Corcoean vying for second place. In a dramatic conclusion, Gialong clinched first place, with Cole Azevedo and Stephen Seiver close behind.

Insights from Don Champion

In addition to the race, the video featured insights from Don Champion, a well-known EUC rider and community figure. She shared her experiences and approach to riding, focusing on personal improvement and the unique ‘flow’ state achieved while on the wheel.

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Photo credit: Khuong Lam

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