The Apple Valley Speedway hosted an exhilarating event featuring electric unicycle (EUC) and electric skateboard races. Organized by Stooge Race Boards, the event showcased top riders’ skills in high-speed, competitive races. Highlights included the EUC Pro Race and the esk8 Pro Race, where athletes like Mario Chacon demonstrated exceptional talent. The event celebrated both the intense competition and the strong community spirit of electric sports, drawing enthusiasts and spectators alike to witness the thrilling action and camaraderie. Watch now.

These races in Las Vegas, NV were featured electric skateboard races with Novice, Sportsman, and Pro classes. Organized by Mike Beard and Stooge Race Boards, the event consisted of races as well as a gathering for many vendors to showcase their goods. Vendors such as Onsra, ShredLights, and Beyond Riders gave demonstrations on their latest advancements in ESK8s, accessories, and safety gear. The public was invited to join the event as well, which increased the number of fans who were exposed to this emerging sport. Watch now.

Dive into the heart of Raleigh’s Oak City Shred Fest through our latest video showcase, capturing one of America’s premier annual Onewheel and PEV events. This isn’t just a glimpse into the festival; it’s a deep dive into a community where the passion for Onewheel, PEVs, and spirited competition comes alive. From enthusiasts to families and friends, see firsthand how people come together to share their love for the ride and learn from each other, all while marveling at the incredible skill on display.