The EUC Women’s Race at Apple Valley Speedway: A Display of Skill, Speed, and Spirited Competition


The Electric Unicycle (EUC) Women’s Competition at the Race n’ Ride event, Apple Valley Speedway, was a showcase of skill and determination. Organized by Stooge Raceboards and broadcast by Amped Electric Games, the race featured talented riders like Maribel Vargas, Celeste Cuhna, Dawn Champion, Luna Wolf, Amber Rose, Cerrina Mouchref, Shira Sheps (Speedy Kit Kat), and Grace Madeline.

Excitement of the Race

The race was thrilling from the start. Maribel Vargas impressed everyone with her unique hand position, while Dawn Champion’s one-arm-out technique helped her balance. These strategies are key in EUC racing, where weight and technique play a crucial role in speed and control.

Challenges on the Track

The race became more challenging as the sun set, making visibility difficult. The riders had to navigate turns and straights while dealing with the glare of the setting sun.

Competition for the Top Spots

Maribel Vargas led the race with agility, but Luna Wolf and Dawn Champion were close behind, vying for second place. However, a fall by Luna Wolf changed the course of the race, moving Dawn Champion and Celeste Cuhna up in the rankings.

Dramatic Finale

The final lap was intense. Maribel Vargas managed to stay ahead of Dawn Champion, winning the race in a close finish. The race was unpredictable and exciting, with frequent lead changes.

Community and Support

More than the competition, the race was a celebration of the EUC community. Spectators and racers supported each other, creating a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Conclusion: A Memorable Race

The Women’s EUC Race at Apple Valley Speedway was memorable, highlighting the talents of women riders in electric sports. It was a perfect mix of competition, strategy, and community spirit.

Watch the race replay on the Amped Electric Games YouTube channel:
Electrifying Women’s EUC Race at Apple Valley Speedway!

Special thanks to Stooge Raceboards for sponsoring and organizing the Race n’ Ride event at Apple Valley Speedway, creating a platform for showcasing the best of personal electric vehicle racing.

Photo credit: Khuong Lam

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