Seth is the founder of the Amped Electric Games.  He lives with his wife Aimie and their two teenage sons in Lone Tree, Colorado.  He spends his days riding his electric unicycles on the trails and hills around his home, which is something he never would have thought possible just a few short years ago.  

Seth has traveled thousands of miles on his Personal Electric Vehicles (PEV) after discovering the physical and mental health benefits he experiences while riding.  Seth believes the freedom and utility gained from PEVs can have a positive impact in any situation, he has even used them to help distribute food in disaster zones.

Though he grew up skateboarding, snowboarding, and generally spending a lot of time outdoors – after years of sedentary work as a software developer, he had grown obese and his health was deteriorating rapidly due to alcoholism.   Seth struggled for months to quit drinking, but always fell back into the cycle of drinking before he discovered PEVs. He noticed that while riding it seemed like his problems and worries melted away and the heavy weight on his shoulders felt lifted.  He even felt an afterglow period after riding and he didn’t feel like drinking.  

There was something that was happening on the rides that was fulfilling, that quieted the cravings.  The more Seth rode, the more weight he lost and the better he felt.  He was able to lose over 70 lbs and eliminate ALL of the maintenance medications he was on and reversed a sleep apnea condition as well.

Energized by this experience Seth began reaching out to other communities of PEV riders and talking to them about their experiences.  He found many of their riders had alcohol, depression, or substance abuse problems in the past.  They had also found the same peace and sense of community through riding.

Committed to this community Seth met a Onewheel rider, Dan Mangieri and an EUC rider and Army Veteran, Caleb Catron.  Upon discovering the news of an impending hurricane in the Gulf, the trio collected items for donation, loaded up their PEVs and chainsaws and headed to New Orleans.  They reached Terrabonne Parish, Louisiana where they helped source 8,000 MRE meal kits, and distribute those and other supplies to the victims of Hurricane Ida, in part using their PEVs.

Seth has traveled the country and met thousands of riders since Hurricane Ida. Two of these riders were Chris and Kristina Iwinski whose Son Noah had been afflicted with brain cancer.  Chris used his electric unicycle to deliver food and other items in NYC, affording him the freedom to set his own schedule and spend more time with his family.  This allowed him to provide for his family, with less time spent working because this type of work was more lucrative than his previous employment as an electrician.

These experiences have strengthened Seth’s commitment to PEVs and have helped inspire him to organize the Amped Electric Games and partner with the American Childhood Cancer Organization to benefit other families like the Iwinski’s by raising over $7,500 (as of June 2023).  Seth sees PEV events as a way to bring riders together to learn from one another and share their experiences.  Through the games, riders can spread the knowledge of how useful, therapeutic, and fun these machines are; and how we may use them to change the world.