Trevon Brandhorst


Amped is a space for PEV of all backgrounds to come together and celebrate riding into the future with a community that cares to see them have fun, get better, be safe and inclusive in all things electric! I’m so stoked to see my good friend Seth Johnson bring something he and our community is so passionate about! He has put so much into making sure others have an Amped experience that keeps them riding and active in building this up to be even bigger, better and stronger! Amped is a space we can show others what these are capable of but also the skill set we have to master and do most of these things relatively safely most the time! There are dangers associated but those are weigh risks much like downhill mtb, motox or competitive sports. Amped means electric community! I’m excited to have a space to celebrate our electric community and where I can help excite, motivate and hype folks through riding, announcing, being positive, commentating, and keeping folks looking forward!