Fireline is located on the north side of Coler Mountain Bike Preserve in what is referred to as phase 1. This area culminates in ‘The Hub’, a 20-foot-tall steel and wood structure that lets riders send it into 3 different trails of their choosing and one of those is Fireline.

How do I get there?
If parking anywhere but the north entrance parking lot, the easiest way to Fireline is to travel north on the paved greenway to Oscars Loop, just past the north parking lot. From there you will follow the trail as it parallels Peach Orchard Road to just past the big Coler sign. There is a new chip-sealed return trail at the bottom of Fireline that connects directly to Oscar’s Loop. Take that nice return trail to the top and get ready to ride.

What type of terrain/features?
Fireline is a series of rollers, jumps and berms, rollers, jumps and berms, oh and more rollers, jumps and berms! With an amazing wood feature near the last third of the trail that lets you keep some serious speed into the last section of nearly straight away jumps as you head back to the bottom of the return trail. The total length of the trail is just under 7/10 of a mile with 177 ft of elevation loss. Side effects include a smile that can not be erased and euphoria while riding down this amazing downhill course.

Who would enjoy this trail/skill level?
The description has Fireline as a blue or intermediate run for mountain bikers. It is wide enough that it can confidently be ridden solo with advanced features existing. You can opt-out of doing the wood feature near the end if you are not confident and can roll every single jump without leaving the ground if you like. Having taken a Onewheel and EUC down this trail I would agree it is an intermediate trail, but accessible to all ages with the right experience. It is also an adaptive bike trail so maintaining the width clearance is a priority for the Coler team.

How is the return/access accomplished?
The return trail is right at the bottom of the run, just to the left as you are finishing. It is a newly chip-sealed trail that helps to keep the runs coming without the fatigue of any technical uphill riding. Take the time to enjoy some nature on the way up as you cruise through the trees, stop at the viewing area for Drop the Hammer and maybe see Seth sending it down Cease and Desist.

Keep an eye out for rogue squirrels, owls, and the occasional deer as you are in the woods, but only a mile from fresh hot coffee.

360 Camera view (Seth Johnson)

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